Different UK domain name extensions have different lifespans, where you can secure a domain name registration for a .com extension for up to ten years; a .uk domain name extension will only allow a maximum of two years.

These stipulations apply to every domain name registrar as they are controlled by external forces such as Nominet and Centralnic.

We understand that if you’re happy with your domain name registration and want it to continue into the future you don’t want to lose it to someone else when your subscription ends. That’s why we’ll send you a renewal reminder to ensure you know when to reregister so your domain name doesn’t become available on the market again.

We also have the facility for domain name owners to transfer in their domains to take advantage of our affordable prices and our speedy and easy renewals service.

If you’ve received your reminder or if you want to renew your domain name registration please click below and your renewal will be complete within seconds.

Here you can also renew your web hosting accounts, as the two are usually taken in tandem when you buy domain names, so we make it quicker and easier for you to continue to enjoy the fabulous features that are making us the firm favourite registrars!

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