Frequently Asked Questions

I don't like to use my credit card online, can I register UK domain names over the phone?

Our checkout process is completely secure however we pride ourselves on our personal service. We believe that when spending your money you deserve to know you’re a valued customer. That is why we are always available on the end of a phone for you to buy domain names and for your domain name registration. We don’t stop there though, once you’ve registered your domain name our customer support team will be on hand with technical advice during our generous office hours of 9am until 7pm on weekdays and 10am to 6pm on weekends –even Sundays.

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How many years can I buy domain names for?

You can buy a .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domain name for any annual registration period between 1 and 10 years. You can buy any Centralnic domain, including and for 2 year periods for between 2 and 8 years. All .uk domain names (Nominet controlled) can only be registered for 2 year periods.

This varies between extensions as some have more restrictions than others. To make it simple:

  • All .UK Domain names are Nominet controlled so can only be registered for two years at a time.
  • Centralnic UK Domain names which include and are available for periods of two years for up to eight years.
  • The popular extensions of .com,.net,.org, .biz and .info are available for an annual subscription of up to ten years.

Don’t worry when you search we’ll show you how long you can own your new domain name for; we’ll also send a reminder when you need to renew.

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Whose name do you register domain names in?

When you purchase domain names with us we always ensure the domain name registration is in your name. This ensures that the domain name now belongs to you. This also ensures you have proof on ownership should any matter arise as we have seen many cases where registrars will covertly register the domain name in their own name, retaining the ownership while you still pay for what is rightly yours.

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What will I be entitled to once my UK domain name registration is complete?

Once you have registered and bought your domain name you will receive unlimited POP3 email accounts along with access to our webmail facility. If required we will also forward your domain name registration to a website of your choice. These features are all free when you buy domain names with us; we don’t hide our fees or add hidden extras before checkout like others do.

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Do you charge for the unlimited email accounts on the domain names?

No. Our domain name registration prices are transparent and unlimited email accounts are included in the price.

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How soon will I be able to set up email accounts after my domain name registration?

As soon as you’ve completed the checkout you’ll receive simple instructions on how to set up your email accounts. In the majority of cases your email accounts will be ready within 24 hours.

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What are the rules for domain name registration?

This is a popular choice for limited companies however the domain name you choose must match the records of your business with the Company House. This is a benefit for your limited company as it ensures no one else obtains a UK domain name extension of with your name. For example if you trade under the name Business Online Ltd, the domain name you can buy will be

When you buy a domain name from us we will ask you for your limited company registration number so we can verify your name against the records. Of course this manual intervention takes a little time so processing takes up to 48 hours.

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How does the new .uk extension work?

From 8am Tuesday 10th June 2014 customers have been able to register .uk domains for the first time. By '.uk domains', we mean the extension '.uk' on its own e.g.,, not to be confused with, or

The registrations for these work a little differently in that a large number of domains have been reserved for customers who already own other domains from the .uk family.

For example, if you own, you will automatically have reserved for you, should you wish to purchase it. If you don't own the domain and somebody else does, you won't be able to register the .uk equivalent; the owner of the will have the Right of Registration.

So, if you want to register a .uk domain:

  • Make sure you own the equivalent, or that the equivalent is free and available for registration.
  • Make sure the contact details you supply for registration of the .uk domain match those of the equivalent domain (name, address, telephone, email). These need to be an exact match or the registration will not go through.

If you are unsure if you qualify for your desired .uk domain, use this handy tool to find out:

For more information on the .uk extension, please visit:

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What if I want to host my website on your servers?

You can buy website hosting from us by visiting our hosting website our commitment to customer care and our quality of services of our domain name registration extend across our hosting service; you’ll receive the same amount of support and other great benefits too. On your request we can have your hosting set up within the same working day.

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I would like to have a website professionally designed. Can you do this?

Our services are popular with many businesses as they enjoy the security of having their website requirements with a company they trust. This site is owned and operated by Brave Bear Marketing, a leading creative web agency. You can visit our website at and view our portfolio or call us on 01543 758 188 and see how our design services will help you achieve the success you crave online.

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How do I transfer my UK domain names out?

Please email us at and we will advise you accordingly.

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Do you charge to transfer my domain name out to another provider?

Unlike other companies we make no charge to transfer any domain name you have registered with us to another provider.

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Will I get a VAT receipt for my registration?

Yes, you will get automatic order confirmation, immediately as you place the order and a full VAT receipt is issued via email to the address you used to register the domain name within 48 hours.

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Are there any domain names you won't register?

We are under no legal obligations to refuse to register any domain name; however as a people orientated company we would not be comfortable with providing domain name registrations that may encourage illegal or illicit content. Our domain names are always verified by a human being rather than a computer unlike some other companies and so if we see a red flag that could be damaging to an audience we will decline it.

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Can I get a discount on my order?

Once a customer has decided on a domain name they often buy all of the extensions to protect their brand. Some also buy in bulk with a variety of UK domain names forwarding each one to the same address. We make this quicker and simpler by not only allowing you to search for more than one domain name at a time but by automatically applying a 10% discount at the checkout for 4 domain name registrations and a massive 15% discount for over ten in one shopping session.

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Why are you better than all the other UK domain name registration sites?

Without trying to blow our own trumpet, we know we offer exactly what you want and the reason we know this is simple – we listen to your feedback. Most of our business arrives from word of mouth as our customers are always impressed with our 7 day technical support, our personable touches and our transparent prices.

With humans dealing with your registrations we guarantee it really is as simple as 1, 2, 3 even when manual intervention is needed for extensions such as

We pride ourselves on being affordable, speedy and easy and will have you up and running in no time at all.

Our Other Benefits:

  • Simple Steps to Registration
  • No Hidden Extras
  • Speedy Search Facilities
  • Great Discounts on Bulk Domain Registration
  • Technical Support from UK Based Team
  • Free Transfers and Forwarding
  • Unlimited POP3 Accounts
  • Unrivalled aftercare service with a choice of web hosting, design and more

Contact us or search for your domain now, if you build it, they will come!

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